1. First user MSc Andrew Gwiazdowski

"Field treading vehicle gives possibility easy moving in difficult terrain. It using from this device was can without trouble trawerse sandy beaches, overgrown with not very tall vegetation of meadow or irregularily shaped thatches forest. Also ornate eminences do not make up obstacle.
To this time, when I tried with great effort to enter on beach with trolley, circles left deep traces and they in end got stuck in sand, they slid and they embedded deeply. I without help second man was not able to lower my trap.
During testing field treading vehicle by myself and without effort (after once first since ten years) I reached to bank of beach. Did not leave near this for me no traces, which is tangible proof on scarce quantity of work, what I put in realization this task.

           The treading on ornate slopes of terrain vehicle behaves similarly unusually. Effort reduces across special shifts not only considerably but and it keeps total stability and self-braking. On eminences, from which standard trolley pushed together in spite dragged brakes, vehicle treading he kept by coupling among paws and special their tread, as fixed in sbasis. How it behaves we will check treading in winter conditions vehicle how snow will fall. It be maybe will can was on him go down how on skis. Treading vehicle does not unreel in breasts of speed holding boards, but it permits to catch up walking walker for. Moving pushed with this instrument to me on thought awkwardly shuffling duck initially, but I after achievement sure practice, when my movements stood smooth, felt pleasure in pendulum movement of body on sides. I noticed after elimination with movement of moments of stops near extreme inclinations on sides body in this sure charm even and elegance.

          Fact not without meaning is also, that during parties using from treading vehicle be harnessed to work muscles near they exploiting standard trolley they lie fallow land which. Except this movement what be extorted in this time perfectly increases the peristalsis of intestines, which is very important for bedridden to trolley persons. Recapitulating: The field treading vehicle gives the handicapped persons the possibility going in inaccessible for them the place, executing the impossible actions how np. assembling in time mushrooms, and me of testing the device gave many joys, party and the hope, that I will will can contribute to liquidation of barriers as well as to widening of integration. Test pilot - prototype Andrew Gwiazdowski

2. Unpublic Institution of Healing Rehabilitation the "VITAREH" in Good City
   - Roman  Ziółkowski

  In by hand driven vehicle treading for persons handicapped CHEOPS -1 comes into being three-dimensional rhythmical the consisting with full assortment of movements in planes  swing: front, arrow and perpendicular. This the companions' movements the compression and the of spine be holding in tact of steps decompression. It removes then the destabilisation of motive segments and it improves the co-ordination. It be liberates such work of labyrinth how near normal walk, which strengthens or certainty restores in maintenance equilibrium outright. Handles of CHEOPS be adapted to straight position, which gives the possibility of stretching the muscles of shoulder hoops . Movement in sitting position allow on atrial stimulation and sensuous. She is  important to stimulation of reflexes, the correc miction and the whole urinary arrangement. Walk vehicle can treading to number as form the practices of bilateral paving what nociceptive allow on return of sense (deep) and priopiocetive (muscular) and their standardization.
It it it was proved was was, that Central Nervous Arrangement has regeneratory abilities and plasticity by whole life, also neurogenezy and creating dendrite as well as axons. Temporary period of impossibility of movement be connected with cortical mechanisms often and not the nerveless of vertebral core.
We know, that the man learns in beginning the motorics the cefalocaoudal that means from head across hoops of limbs to their the ends the distalities.
    The brain begins coding the correct pattern of movement of basin during walk which perfects the orientations in space, the sense of patern of own body and the feeling of rhythm of walk. Nervous tension begins normalizing. Moving causes with treading vehicle moving space three spheres of control of movement and attitude (head, hoop kkg, hoop kkd). This calls out the demanded reflexes with level of middle-brain appearing at babies in 2-8 month of life what allow on teaching from new all necessary movements in cycle of physiological development. Applying CHEOPS can be to liberate described reaction above. Therefore he seems the very good instrument to aid of treatment of traumatic illnesses of spine, pareses and the paralyses of nervous arrangement, SM and different diseases of relating dysfunctions of movement.
  Using motivates ill to practices and it restores them in me belief. It reduces depression, it favours better intellectual shape and more optimistic glance in future. The state of intensive muscular tension weakens, physiological endurance increases and psychical. The CHEOPS gives outside the possibility of exit, tying new it is the friends and the survival of new impressions. Ill more profitably looks on one's life. Positive social contacts develop in him as well as emotional disorders reduce. The therapy across treading vehicle be liberates the larger belief in me and the feeling of own value. They thanks her patients will will decide on participation in different occupations np. hipotherapy, skiing or swimming. She gives at last the possibility of independent forms of relaxation how: the walks of, trip, the rallies, surviving with nature the direct contact. One should summing up to say, that vehicle treading CHEOPS restores joy for handicapped.

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