Feed Industry

The trump of the Stalbet the Project is long experience and the generality. Beside steel constructions we act in trade of feed industry. The complex disassembly of feed factories is our domain, together with technological line. Next we can assembly the same factory and the technological line in new location, for example: We disassembled 3 feed factories on terrain of Holland which transported to Poland. Then we executed assembly of one large factory, consisting from those three factories.

I will use the examples realized investments in aim of performance of range testified services:

 1.  Dossche  Rychliki:

  • the long term co-operation – the modernizations and the adaptation of existing constructions of objects together with assembly of machines and the devices (silos, granulating systems, cyclones, lifts, redlers, ect.) 

 2.  Dossche   Kalisz:

  • build of exploational reservoirs   

3.  Rolimpex  Iława:

  • the construction of silos together with complex productive lines 

4.  Cheeses ICC  Pasłęk:

  • extension of platforms together with assembly of devices

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