Why "ski - alloys" instead of... wheel ?

Near deciding in terrain has worse efficiency from treading vehicle.
Efficiency of every vehicle, then the product of internal efficiency and external. The internal efficiency then the efficiency of driving mechanisms, quality of bearings, joints itp. In majority of vehicles be shapes on level 98%.  The external efficiency depends from kind of contact from sbasis. It in circular vehicles depends from kind of wheels and obviously from hardness of the sbasis which has on efficiency of circular vehicles the principal influence. The dimension of losses of energy what bear during moving after soft soil it is left on our road the depth of ruts.
The external efficiency of vehicles looks completely differently treading. The large surface of point of contact from sbasis, dependent exclusively from designer, the collapsing the vehicle causes minimum. However we get to front movement by moving along runners, with minimum coefficient friction.

Easiness in defeating field obstacles.
In case of trolley, when we have to defeat threshold, then except high skills, realization of work of elevation on height of threshold the centre of mass in one cycle waits us. Treading vehicle defeats on instalment thresholds and special skills are not required.
For conquest about height the threshold, in first phaze of movement, depending on transfusion from one zip on second H, we defeat only maximally 1/4 height, second phaze of movement, it is already getting involved after inclined plane with dependent speed from our physical possibilities.

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